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Top 10 Payment Solution Companies - 2018

The rapid change in the payment solutions space has been phenomenal. The technological advancements in the financial and digital industries have led to cashless societies everywhere. Technology has unlocked the gate for numerous payment solution companies offering cheaper fees, faster transactions, and enhanced security measures. In turn, online payment solutions are making businesses evolve at a faster rate and in a more suitable way.

Ranging from contactless payments to mobile wallets, payment via QR codes, to Near-field communication (NFC) wireless technology, we can witness the transition defining the global standard. Payment solution is definitely a thrilling innovation and broadens the potential for effortless, user-friendly payment methods in the future. Payment solutions having the right connectivity to the merchant environment, security against fraud and insights for optimizing accordingly, can measure the stronghold of this technology platform.

To help CIOs strategize towards the development of whether cashless societies could become a reality and of revolutionary mobile payment systems, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the CIOAdvisor APAC's editorial board has selected the leading Payment Solution Companies. The companies featured in this edition demonstrate the ability to construct and improve this highly adaptive platform and assist businesses to operate their payment flow-simply and securely.

We give you the Top 10 APAC Payment Solution Companies - 2018.

    Top Payment Solution Companies

  • Providing the tools to make online payments easier, customer friendly and accessible across all mediums

  • The company provides innovative payment solutions to merchants of Southeast Asia region

  • Swipesumo delivers cost-effective, automated digital payment solutions aimed at customers and merchants alike

  • Payment innovation enabler for issuers to deliver the latest payment capabilities, fast and cost effectively, through their existing payments network

  • Provides contactless payment solutions for schools and colleges using their Campus 3.0 suite of applications

  • Cinnamon Pay

    Cinnamon Pay

    A digital payments services provider offering high quality, user friendly payments solutions to businesses and consumers

  • Faspay


    An organizer of the mobile e-commerce switching and payment gateway partners including mobile operators, financial institutions, and merchants

  • Novopay Solutions

    Novopay Solutions

    Pioneers a new way of electronic transactions at Retail — empowering businesses, merchants and consumers with technology forward solutions

  • Tranglo


    Produces a fast, easy-to-use, and secure cross-border financial services platform to better connect people worldwide

  • Wirex


    A global leader in blockchain personal finance, with 900k+ customers in 130+ countries

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