Top 10 Payment Solution Companies - 2020

Fintech innovation, digital-savvy millennials, micropayments, mobile or e-wallets, instant payments, artificial intelligence (AI) and contactless payments are burgeoning in the APAC region. Today’s consumers use the smartphone for a myriad of tasks, and indeed, many are using it as their primary internet device. That usage extends to finance as well, and there are more finance-related transactions on the mobile in Asia than other parts of the world.

Consumers are now supporting the concept of “voice commerce” where they can order and pay using a few simple commands. AI technology enables consumers to quickly shop and pay for items without even having to surf through their device.

Using biometrics to authenticate payments ensures a more seamless experience for merchants and customers. The use of iris scanning, fingerprints, voice or facial recognition will free customers from the need to have a wallet or a smartphone when making transactions. Instead of relying on a single method to verify identity, multi-factor authentication that includes biometrics is the next big trend to watch in 2020 and beyond.

In the APAC region, blockchain technology is slowly but surely being embraced. Industry players in the private and public sectors are beginning to come together to leverage the potential of blockchain to simplify interpersonal and cross-border transactions.

This edition of CIOReview APAC features companies that are at the forefront of offering payment solutions. CIOReview APAC's editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that solve payment challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. We present to you – “Top 10 Payment Solution Providers in APAC – 2020”.


    Top Payment Companies

  • Provides comprehensive ecommerce payment solutions to a multitude of enterprises and assists merchants in staying ahead of the technology curve


  • Delivers the best payment acceptance service. Including the payment system that has the highest security for the member stores for success and the advancement of business systems


  • Business Ecosystems, Cloud Services, Colocation, Data Exchange, Data Security, Enterprise, Financial Services, Interconnection, International Business Exchange (IBX®) Data Centers, Internet Content and Infrastructure, Interconnection Oriented Architecutre, hybrid cloud, and multicloud


  • Wirecard offers one-stop payment ecosystem that offers global payment acceptance, which enables customers to issue their own payment instruments, and provide digital banking and commerce services


  • Airwallex


    Offers end-to-end solutions for businesses to move money programmatically at a global scale. Customers can create international bank accounts instantly, access interbank exchange rates and send money through local and international clearing networks

  • Braintree


    Providing the global commerce tools people need to build and grow businesses, Braintree’s global platform powers payments for thousands of online and mobile commerce innovators including Airbnb, Uber, GitHub, Facebook and Pinterest

  • Oceanpayment


    Global payment service provider strives to offer safe, swift, specialized and simple payment solutions to merchants conducting cross-border business

  • PaySett


    Global company comprised of global payment industry trained individuals focused on developing secure and reliable large scale payment systems at a national level

  • Swiftpass


    Provides mobile payment solution to banks includes back-end management portal for bank and merchants, front-end solution with QR-code capabilities, operations and maintenance

  • WorldPay


    Global leader in payments processing technology and solutions for their merchant customers, simplifying payments by breaking through borders and obstacles to help businesses grow

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